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At M.J. Moran, Inc. we are dedicated to the success of our employees, customers and associates. Through teamwork, experience and education, we provide superior service and value. Our goal is to make each and every project surpass the team’s expectations.

Our History
The M.J. Moran Company was formed in February of 1978, and has steadily grown in size since then. Our repeat customers include Top Flite/Callaway Golf, Milton Bradley, Suddekor, Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, Amherst College, Eaglebrook School, Northfield Mount Hermon, and the Cooley Dickinson Hospital, just to name a few.

Project Services
Plumbing, HVAC Systems, Process Piping Systems, High Pressure Gas & Steam Systems, Medical Gas Systems, Design/Build Services, Mechanical Construction Management.

Mechanical Construction Management

Approach to the Project
As Mechanical Construction Manager, we working closely with the Architect, Engineers, and Owner, providing our expertise in value costing, budgeting and scheduling.

Conceptual Estimation
The Conceptual Phase is primarily developed through our team’s direct involvement with the actual project and application of our varied historical database.

Value Engineering
With our philosophy of Value Engineering, we feel that part of our responsibility is to raise questions such as: “can this be relocated?” or “will another product work just as well?”, taking into account ease of maintenance, operating costs, code compliance and longevity.

Design Development
As design and development progress, more accurate costs can be achieved along with more accurate milestones to complete a successful project.

Code of Conduct

M.J. Moran, Inc. conducts its business in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations and in a manner consistent with the highest standards of business and professional ethics.

The professionalism of our employees has earned us respect in the industry.  To maintain our reputation and assure successful and effective operations, as well as maintain a safe, productive and comfortable work environment for all, you’re expected to adhere to acceptable business practices and exhibit a high degree of integrity and professionalism.

M.J. Moran, Inc. employees are expected to do their part to create and maintain an ethical work environment, including but not limited to:

Honesty- to be truthful in all our endeavors: to be honest and forthright with one another and with our customers, communities, suppliers and shareholders.

Integrity- to say what we mean, to deliver what we promise and to stand for what is right.

Trust- to build confidence through teamwork and open, candid communication.

Respect- to treat one another with dignity and fairness, appreciating the diversity of our workforce and the uniqueness of each employee.

Responsibility – to speak up-- without fear of retribution--and report concerns in the workplace, including violations of laws, regulations and company policies; to seek clarification and guidance whenever there is doubt.

Accountability-on one’s behalf, being responsible for what is in your span of control and encouraging others to do the same.


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